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Did you know Squash has been elected as ‘the world’s heathiest sport’ by Forbes?

Squash was followed by rowing, rock climbing and swimming. Also featuring in the top 10 were cycling, boxing and running.

Squash is fun, social  and intense – even more so on the MSquash Interactive Squash Courts.


So why is squash so good?


  1.  It is for everybody – Squash can be played at any age AND IS easy to learn and with Interactive Squash
  2. It is good for your heart – Squash reduces the risk of heart disease by strengthening the heart muscles and preventing blood vessels from becoming clogged.
  3. You meet new people – Squash is intense and short, easy to schedule and fun to match levels.
  4. It is playful yet competitive – Interactive Squash makes every introduction a fun one. No stress, just fun. And great people to enjoy the fun with.
  5. It challenges you mentally – Many modern fitness trends are centred around burning calories, little more. Squash is a strategic thinking game, where smart strategy often trumps brute force.
  6. It is a full body workout. 30 minutes spent on the squash court gives you an impressive cardio respiratory workout.
  7. Play it – love it – all year round – Whether it is a harsh winter or a hot long summer, squash is played indoors, and thus accesable and available all year long.


Did you know….

Calories burned per hour in squash versus other sports:

Squash - 1,034
Stationary Bike - 905
Soccer - 862
Cross-Country Running - 776
Tennis - 689
Basketball - 689
Yoga - 215

+ fun and social

+ strategic thinking

+ all year round

+ all ages !

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