Take your squash balls to the beach – Squash Movement Drills

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Take your squash balls to the beach – Squash Movement Drills

Time to hit the beach again for more MSquash Movement work – or inspiration, it’s totally up to you! After the ladder drills and plyometrics of the previous weeks, we literally take some of the exercises we do on court to the beach and execute them in the sand. The sand is such a great surface to improve your explosive power, acceleration, deceleration and of course your stability. Ready to try it out yourself?


The Ball Placing & Retrieving exercise is a movement drill where you work with 12-15 cones spread out over a surface as big as a squash court. The cones have had their tops cut off to enable a squash ball to sit perfectly on top.

Player 1 starts the exercise at the middle of the surface (your beach T), grabs one ball at a time and moves to a cone (random order) and places the ball on the cone. Return to the T and repeat this process until all balls have been placed. The player should always use his/her playing hand to grab and place the balls. The ball needs to fit and remain on top of the cone. If the balls falls off, you must run back to the cone and correct your mistake. Try to do it as fast as you can!

Player 2 starts after Player 1 has placed all balls on the cones. This time the idea is to retrieve all balls from the cones and place them back in a container in the middle of the surface (your beach T). Starting from the middle of the surface (your beach T) again, try to get all the other balls one by one back to the middle, as fast as you can. Go low and stay low, again use only your playing hand to grab and place the balls!

This drill can be done with 1, 2, even 3 or 4 players. Use a small bucket or container to hold the balls on the T.

Exercise 2: DOG AND BONE

Dog and Bone is one of our favorites. It brings short quick movement and unpredicability all together in a playful manner. The idea is that the feeder in the middle of the surface throws the ball anywhere on the court. The player needs to try to catch and or retrieve the ball as fast as possible – with his/her playing hand – and bring the ball back to the feeder and place it on the ground. You can do  20, 30, 45, 60 second intervals. If you are looking to build up your endurance adopt a 1:1 work/rest ratio. Build up your reps slowly and safely.

Exercise 3: COURT SPRINTS 

The last exercise this week is one we all know – and many of us hate! Court sprints. On a squash court these high resistance drills are testing us already to our limits, imagine what they could do to you on the beach! You can add this as the last part of your beach exercises or just make it a dedicated drill and build a full session towards it. Don’t forget to stretch, it will burn!

Utilize the sand to become fit, fast and strong

in preparation for the upcoming season. Enjoy the sweat!

Share your thoughts and tell us how your sessions went!

Are you trying out the sessions we present to you? The sand is tough work but it will reward you and we promise you won’t regret it because it will for sure pay off during the season. Let us know how your sessions go and never hesitate to contact us with any questions. Post your questions on comments:

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