Ignite your squash legs during the season – Go hard or go home!

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Ignite your squash legs during the season – Go hard or go home!

No need to convince you that the ability to move efficiently and economically on the squash court, for as long as necessary to win the match, is one of the main aspects you need to master when you want to be a good squash player. Movement is one of the pillars of MSquash’s coaching philosophy and should form an important part of your training program. Get some inspiration here and get started!

Movement on a squash courts means working on your:

  • Acceleration & Deceleration

  • Agility & Balance

  • Aerobic & Anaerobic Endurance

  • Explosive power

  • Strength & Balance

How do you train all these characteristics?

Obviously, you cannot train them all at once, weekly and monthly programs that consider your training and tournament calendar need to be set up. A snapshot of that would be during the offseason period, you will work more on power, strength and endurance, investing in a strong base for the upcoming season. During the season, focus on speed and agility exercises that will keep you fast and fresh for the upcoming matches.

Speed & Agility sessions during the season

Looking for a session to ignite your legs during the season? Have a look at the video and discover examples of drills that we combine:

  • Agility and speed with ladder exercises

  • Strength and balance by running and lunging to the cones

  • Acceleration and deceleration by running as fast as possible from one cone to another

  • Low number reps of court sprints for an anaerobic top up

Go hard or go home!

Physical workouts are most efficient when you try your hardest – so, dig as deep as you can! Look to achieve marginal gains every time to train. Add up a 1% improvement each time that you train during a season and you will be surprised at how much you and your performances have improved!

Lastly remember: enjoy the hard work – enjoy the journey!


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