Keep your eyes and hands on the ball – Squash Movement Drills at the beach

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Keep your eyes and hands on the ball – Squash Movement Drills at the beach

Summer continues and so we head to the beach again for a squash-specific fitness and movement training. In the past weeks, we have worked on explosive strength, plyometrics, agility, and fast feet. Now it is time to work on some hand-eye coordination. Whilst keeping the legwork high paced, you ask your body to coordinate and follow the ball, just like in a squash match or practice. Enjoy!

Why do hand-eye coordination exercises? 

“Hand-eye coordination” describes the ability of a body’s visual system to process information received through the eyes and use it to direct the movements of the hands – and feet afterward too. Squash players obviously require this skill, and that is why it is important to bring it into your training.

Did you realize your vision is very closely tied to how well you move — how well you follow the ball and anticipate influences your flexibility, strength, pain tolerance and so on? Add exercises into your everyday training to help you strengthen your eye muscles, improve your reaction time and movement at the same time.


Ball throwing exercise 

When working on hand-eye coordination we start with throwing balls to the individual player, or to 2 players at the same time. The players stay at all times on the balls of their feet, ready to lunge to the ball and react as quick as possible. Just like you should be doing in a match on the T.

Combine it with burpees!

To really get yourself working, combine the ball throwing-catching exercises with burpees… When working with two players at the same time, one works with the coach to catch the balls while the other one does burpees for 30 to 45 sec in a row. Complete the session and have a 30 or 45 sec rest before you switch roles. Enjoy the burn!



Utilize the sand to become fit, fast and strong

in preparation for the upcoming season. Enjoy the sweat!

Share your thoughts and tell us how your sessions went! 

Are you trying out the sessions we present to you? The sand is tough work but it will reward you and we promise you won’t regret it because it will for sure pay off during the season. Let us know how your sessions go and never hesitate to contact us with any questions. Post your questions on comments:

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