Dominate the inner quarters, move your opponent to the outer quarters

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Dominate the inner quarters, move your opponent to the outer quarters

Dominate the inner quarters, move your opponent to the outer quarters

Have you ever stepped on court for a match but your game plan wasn’t clear, or you told yourself – like many other times – to just return the ball and see what happens? Match Strategy does not have to be complicated and working with visualized strategies helps you remain focused and inspired. Read on to discover this MSquash Match Strategy Tip.​

For this MSquash Match Strategy tip, we divide the court into 4 parallel quarters, as you can see on the image above. We have 2 inner quarters, which are the lanes closest to the T, and 2 outer quarters, the lanes closest to the wall and furthest away from the T.

Dominate the inner quarters

How to best position myself on the court?

The obvious answer is on the T of course, but you’ll need to move around the court as you retrieve shots from your opponent. Preferably, when doing this, stay as much within the 2 inner quarters as possible, returning as fast as possible back to the T.

Volley Volley Volley !

To maintain the T position and stay within the inner quarters you will want to volley as much as possible. Be motivated to not let balls get past you and be drawn into the corners and the outside quarters of the court. After the volley, move back to the T as soon as possible!

Move your opponent to the outer quarters!


How do you contain your opponent in the 2 outer quarters?

This means a lot of straight drives & volley drives as tight as possible to the side wall, straight drop & volley drop shots and if cross, wide and deep. Restrict yourself from playing boasts and too many cross courts. Allow your opponent to change the angles through the middle of the court and respond to whichever side they play the ball to with a straight shot to the front or back corner.

The next step…

Your aim is to contain and frustrate your opponent in the outside quarters as much and as long as possible. This means playing your shots as tight as possible along the walls and as deep as possible into the corners, both front and back.

So keep it simple: dominate the inner quarters and move your opponent to the outer quarters. Be patient, allow your opponent to be impatient and play through the middle of the court providing you opportunities to apply continued pressure.

Visualize your strategy – seeing is believing!  Good luck!

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