Tournament reflections: Take ownership of your improvement!

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Tournament reflections: Take ownership of your improvement!

Tournament reflections: Take ownership of your improvement!

You train towards tournaments and competition, for days, weeks, months. Then the moment is there. Time to put it all together. Time to perform. You generate an excellent performance. Or sometimes you don’t. Time to analyze what went well or wrong. Time to learn and make sure you actually learn from your tournament experience. Too often that reflection does not take place. Or too cursory.

Parents –  a great read for your children!

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Did you know tournaments offer a wealth of information to get better?

Tournaments put us to the test. Physically they test us on whether we can hang in during the longest rallies and be ready for the next point. Technically, they test our racket skills and consistent shot quality. Tactically, they require us to think quickly and adjust or stick to a successful game plan. And most of all mentally, they are our biggest test: from pre-match through the first game to the last game and even as to how we deal with winning or losing post-match.

How much do you take advantage to learn from a tournament to be better at your next tournament?

Making mistakes is normal, it’s a good thing in many cases, as making mistakes is part of a learning curve. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, the biggest champions explicitly push themselves to go farther every time and make mistakes – and afterwards try to correct them. The worst mistake though is making the same mistake again…

The worst mistake is making the SAME mistakes over again.

Do you ever make the same mistake again in tournaments?

Tournaments are such complex situations as they test how well we connect all the dots under pressure. Has it ever happened that you made the same – or a very similar – mistake  too many times in tournaments? Being too nervous, not being ready enough, losing a match you should have never lost when you are 2-0 up? Time to stop this pattern or bad habit. How? By reflecting, becoming aware, changing, and seeing the reward.

the first step towards improvement is

becoming aware of what and how you can change.

TOURNAMENT REFLECTION – Take ownership today!

How often do you – as a player – make an analysis of your tournament? How often do you try to understand what you did well, what you can improve, which positive and negative triggers occurred, which fantastic tips your coach gave you to definitely apply at the next encounter?

To be able to break habits and change – you first need to become aware. Tournament reflections will help you realize what you should do more and less. And by doing it yourself – it will be even more powerful.

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make it your own, and improve !

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