How do you learn a new skill faster?

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How do you learn a new skill faster?

How do you learn a new skill faster?

To become a better athlete, you constantly need to learn new things, and you want to learn them as fast as possible. But how do you do so in a world where there are a lot of distractions and so many new things to discover? 

Learning a new skill fast requires 5 things: prioritization, inspiration, consistent effort, and feedback. Read on to learn to understand how this can help you.


There are many new things we want to learn every day. In order to learn faster you want to choose one thing that fits with what you want to achieve as a skillful player, a tough and positive minded competitor, or a healthy well rounded athlete. Make sure that that one thing will help you towards your short term milestones to start learning and improving fast.


You need to be able to read, see or listen to someone who has already done what you would like to learn. Find a book, speak to people who you look up to and who can help you on the way, as they have tried to achieve and have achieved what you want to learn. Find the person who can teach you what you want to learn or get better at, and absorb their stories about their experiences.

Surround yourself with the people who will tell what you need to hear, rather than what you want to hear.


Start practicing – practicing – practicing. And bring in consistency. That person that inspires you did not get where he/she is without hours of practice, day after day and week after week. Daily exposure and immersion into what it is you want to learn is key. Daily.

Read a little in that biography, look something up online, go and do some solo practice, focus like you never have done before in your clinic, do some physical workouts at home… – do something EVERY day.

Your goal in getting feedback is to never stop learning. Look at how you can learn from feedback, even when the feedback is tough.


The next thing you need is feedback – from your coach, friend, parent. Your goal in getting feedback is to never stop learning. Sometimes the feedback can be tough from people who care for you, but look at how you can learn from it. Find a way to cope with feedback as there is probably something there that will be very relevant and helpful for you.

Learning faster is all about having that dream. Finding the daily energy to be inspired, practice, and interpret feedback requires PASSION – passion for the dream you want to work towards. Start working on it – ever day – in some way.


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