Time to get moving ! Ladder drills on the sand

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Time to get moving ! Ladder drills on the sand

Here we are. Time to get moving. Fast. Explosive. Squash Specific. On the beach!

In the next weeks we will be sending out some movement training tips you can use while on the beach. We hope you try them all out. Don’t forget to send us your feedback.

Don’t forget the warm-up

Although the temperatures may be high and you may feel like you are ‘warm’ already, it does not mean you don’t need a warm-up before an intense beach training session. A warm-up increases blood flow, wakes up your muscles, gets them activated for the action. It also helps injury prevention. The biggest change to your warmup routine in the heat is to reduce its duration. You don’t want your body overheated before you start. So a good 5-10 minutes of low intensity warm-up should get you all set.

Water water!

Keeping energy levels high during training in the heat requires hydration. Drink at least 500ml per hour and drink this same amount one hour before and after too. During the session, you might want to pour some water over your head too, to help your body stay cool. As you sweat, you lose electrolytes that need to be replaced. Water alone is not enough. To prevent cramps, which may arise with heat and dehydration, magnesium can be very helpful. Magnesium can be found in unrefined whole grain breads and cereals, as well as green leafy vegetables, lentils, peas, beans, nuts, and seeds.

Utilize the sand to become fit, fast and strong

in preparation for the upcoming season. Enjoy the sweat!

And now the action!

This week we will show ladder drills performed on the sand. The sand adds a whole new dimension to your workout! Although you may not feel as fast as when on solid ground, the sand forces you to become more explosive with each step, this builds strength and strength is the catalyst of speed! Think of the fast car analogy, the more muscle you have under your hood, the faster you travel!

Watch the videos and try them out!

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