Squash Resistance Band Training on the Beach

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Squash Resistance Band Training on the Beach

Summer is almost over, yet we still have one intense and extremely efficient movement session for you – on the beach of course. We’ve worked with cones and ladders, focused on plyo, and for this last set of drills we bring the resistance bands into the game.

Read on to discover how they offer 3 benefits in 1: speed, balance and recovery.

Why work with resistance bands?

#1 – Train Anywhere

Most resistance bands are light weight, which makes them the best things to keep in your squash bag to take with you wherever you go. Whether it is the park, your everyday training facility, your tournament destination, or the beach, they allow you to keep on doing your training efficiently. The movement drills we show in the video are also part of sessions we do on court, adding a ball to the drill.

#2 –Resistance you can’t get from weights

“Ascending resistance” is the term used for the resistance created by resistance bands. It is very beneficial for your training, because

  • It is a kind of resistance that continually increases as range of motion increases, which will make you work harder and harder through the full range of motion.

  • Secondly it requires you to work even harder at the end for your stabilization, which also helps injury prevention.

  • Lastly movement velocity changes can be accelerated with ascending resistance, and that is how the body learns to increase power and accelerate force.

#3 – Work your whole Body

Resistance bands can be used for a comprehensive, full-body workout that challenges virtually every major muscle group in your body. Compared to free weights, where you train certain muscle groups at a time, resistance bands put every major muscle group in your body to work.

Off to the squash specific exercises

The resistance bands exercises we show in the video are 2-person drills, where one person holds the band and directs the player to run to different corners of the imaginary court. Put cones down to mark the court area on the beach, and start by running to the cones. A more advanced way is running to the cones and ghosting in a stable position upon reaching the cone.

Want to make it even harder?

Make the ‘coach’ change direction by moving around on the court area, pretending to be an object for the player to follow and to move into the opposite direction to…. Like you do on a squash court, right… hitting the ball where your opponent is not?



Get started because these drills will be very beneficial for your movement:

  • They will improve your speed because you are running against resistance towards your goal

  • They will help increase your balance and stability at the end as you play – or pretend to play – the shot, because there is a resistance pulling you back

  • They will improve your recovery from the ball as you will learn to control deceleration while running backwards with a pulling force of the resistance band.

So if you don’t already have  resistance bands, it might be time to invest in them and get started! Combine it with all the other movement drills we have presented this summer and you will rock this season!

Utilize the sand to become fit, fast and strong

in preparation for the upcoming season. Enjoy the sweat!

Share your thoughts and tell us how your sessions went! 

Are you trying out the sessions we present to you? The sand is tough work but it will reward you and we promise you won’t regret it because it will for sure pay off during the season. Let us know how your sessions go and never hesitate to contact us with any questions. Post your questions on comments:

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