The hurdles of change – expect and understand them to overcome them!

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The hurdles of change – expect and understand them to overcome them!

The hurdles of change – expect and understand them to overcome them!

To progress and chase our dreams we often need to change certain habits we have. Whether you want to improve your technique, game strategy, mindset, movement or any other habit in your life, change will be rewarded with progress but it has a price. Understand and accept the price that you have to pay for change and learn how to persevere to chase your dreams.


1- Uncertainty 

The first hurdle change will bring along is uncertainty. You won’t know whether the effort to change will be worth it, still you have to take the risk. Believe in the change and trust to do the best you can to make it happen. Tell yourself: “I am giving it my all to succeed.” Let go of your need for perfection – just TRY! It’s ok to not know what will happen, it’s ok to not be perfect. Believe in your ability to figure it out in the end, because it’s only those who venture into the unknown who become pioneers, and champions.

2- People might not understand

There is a social fear to change. You are going out of what is conform and what people are expecting and they might say- ‘why do you need to do that’? Don’t let others hold you back. You might think they don’t want you to grow and change, but often that is not true. People will be supportive of your growth and success, but they often have that same fear of uncertainty. Be spontaneous and enthusiastic regardless of what others think. Keep following your march regardless of fear of rejection and judgement, remember, on the other side of change you will find your dream.

It is in the struggle to change that we actually grow.

3 – It’s going to be a struggle 

Change is never easy, it will be a struggle for sure, and you will need the discipline to stay focused.

Overcome the fears, stay focused and persevere although you do not know where you will end up. If change would be easy, everyone would do it. Remember that it is in the struggle to change that we actually grow. The struggle means it will be tough and not perfect immediately. But it will make you sharp, eager to do and understand more. When you knock on the door of opportunity, only ‘work’ will answer.

4- Accept and learn to deal with stress

Change will also cause stress; stress within yourself and potentially with the people helping you to implement the change: your coach(es), parents, sibblings, friends. Dealing with stress can be done by accepting the stress, by giving yourself and each other a break and a chance to understand and accept that it will be hard, yet continue to persevere together and chase your dreams.

So even though it will be uncertain, even though people might judge you, even though it will be a tough and stressful struggle, on the other side of the price of change is Progress, and progress is always worth fighting for.


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